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3 Savanna Blue
Reding, Lynch,
& Irby
Accidental Joy
Judith Austin Mills
Alberix the Celt Book 1
Albert Noyer

Alberix the Celt Book 2
Albert Noyer

Additions and Subtractions
Stephanie Kaplan Cohen
Albino Peacock

Alabama Light & Power Co

All Seeds

Frania Kruger
Alchemy of Desire
Dianalee Velie

Almost Touching
LaGattuta (Ed.)

Altars of
Ordinary Light

June Sylvester Saraceno

Alternatives to Surrender
Martin Willitts,
Jr. (Ed.)
America Abroad
David Radavich

America Bound: An Epic for
Our Time

David Radavich

Ancient Child
Marcella Bryant

Ancient Water
Dennis Edwards

Are You There?
Vic Rizzo

The Art of Folding
Sarah Zale

As I Am Presently Known
Leon Rubinstein

At Home Abroad

Nancy Henderson James
At Work in the Bridal Industry
Nadell Fishman

auf Wiedersehen
Christa Holder Ocker
Augustus: Narrative of a Slave Woman
Augustus: Narrative
of a Slave Woman
Robin Greene
Douglas Nordfors

A Woman Walking
Nancy King

Before the Reef
Eleanor Swanson

Behind Dark Waters
Pramila Venkateswaran

Bend, Break
Robert Pfeiffer

Betrayal: Will Stone
In Vietnam
Brad Kennedy

Beyond Light and Dark
Michael J. Osborne

Beyond the Lines
LaGattuta (Ed.)

Bird Of
the Present Moment

Paméla Underyender

The Blue

Eve La Salle Caram

Black Irish
Michele Madigan Somerville

Blue Lioness
Betty S. Flowers

Body and Echo
Jennifer Burd

The Body
Electric Journal

Paul Lobo
Body Work
Stephanie Kaplan Cohen

Those Bones at Goliad
Judith Austin Mills

The Book
Of Sins
Angie O'Gorman

Born With a Rusty Spoon: An Artist's Memoir
Bertie Stroup Marah

John Igo

Breath Found
Along the Way

Anne Schneider

Under Water

Susan Bright

Vincent Home

Madeleine Mysko

Broken Greek
Adrianne Kalfopoulou
Susan Bright
Bursting With Danger and Music
Jack Coulehan

the Tree

Emilio DeGrazia
Butterfly Song
Elaine Dahlke
Bye Bye Blackbird
Eileen Berry

The Caduceus
Dennis Edwards

Callahan County
Brenda Black White

Cave Vitae
Diane Adams
Carl, Willi
and Blanche
Barbara de la Cuesta

of the Spirit

Wendy Brown-Báez

Changing Spaces
Nancy King

Linda Ward

Chronic Progressive

Marion Deutsche Cohen

Not Coriander

John S. Munday
Cities of
the Soul

Scott Greer

Clocks We Watch
Mary Copeland
Coming Full Circle
Susan Bright (Ed.)

Coming To Terms
H. Palmer Hall

Of Leaves

Wendy Babiak
The Corporate Kid
Nicole Montez

Crazy Jane
Pat Falk

Lee Robinson

Crossing the
Equal Sign

Marion Deutsche Cohen
Crystals Of
the Unforseen

Lyn Coffin

The Day Of the Heart
Michael J. Osborne

Days Like These
Robert Riche

Dead in Iraq
Eve Ottenberg

Dear Anaïs
Diana M. Raab
Dear Corpus Christi
Eve La Salle Caram

Mike Maggio

Depth Of Field
Frank Pool

Desert Daughter
Nancy Key Roeder

Dove Over

Yolanda Nieves

Down to
the Quick

Nancy Scott

East, West,
and Beyond

Gloria Dyc
Denise Thompson-Slaughter

Email to

Elaine Heveron

the Fall

Margo La Gattuta

Everyday Objects
Edward A. Dougherty

Everything Changes
Stan Biderman

Is Someplace Else
Susan Bright (Ed.)

Evidence to
the Contrary

Mitzi Alvin

Exit Lines
Kevin Brown

the Shade

Betty S. Flowers
The Fate Motif
Douglas Nordfors
Fear of Love and Other Poems
David Filer

the Crow
Susan Bright (Ed.)

Feminist Family Values Forum
Susan Bright (Ed.)

The First Thing and the Last
Allan G. Johnson
Flame Dancer
Nancy M. Fisher
Kirsten Johnson

For the Animals Who Missed the Ark
Jim Barton
Forever Turn
the Midnight Carousel

Matthew Abuelo
The Ghosts
of Glorieta
Albert Noyer
Glad Wilderness
Geraldine Cannon
Going to the Well
Nancy Key Roeder

A Good Woman
Dorothy Weil
Goodbye Silver,
Silver Cloud

Lee Meitzen Grue

The Grandmother Poems
Marcia Wolf

The Great Hunger
Karen Douglass

The Guilt Gene
Diana Raab

Halves Of

Sandy Supowit
Heading Toward Silver Dust
Martha Deborah Hall
Hide of My Tongue
Vivian Faith Prescott
Hospital At
the End Of the World
Joe Niemczura
House Of
the Mother

Susan Bright
How Far

Judith Austin Mills
How Therapists Dance
Dane Cervice

Human Bridges Katherine De

Human Scale
Kitty Beer

An Infinity of Days in the Psychotic
Atomik Empire

Greg Norton

In Memory
of the Fast Break

Michael Sweeney
In Search Of Peace, Yana Mintoff Bland (Ed.) Inside Out: Poems From the Lives of Five Accomplished Women book cover
Inside Out
Martha Deborah Hall

Insomnia in Flowers
Stella Vinitchi Radulescu

In the Disappearing Water
Caroline Sulzer

In the Margins
of the World

Willa Schneberg

In the Sweet Balance
of the Flesh

Lee Meitzen Grue
Isabelle's Dream
Madelleine Herrmann
Ishtar's Songs:
Iraqi Poetry

Dr. Sadek R. Mohammed & Soheil Najm (Eds)

It Happens
as We Speak

Pat Falk

It's All
About Shoes

Pamela Laskin,Ed.

It's Never
Too Late
To Grow Up

Cele S. Keeper

The Jeweled
Net Of Indra

Dane Cervine

Joan of Arkansas
Madeleine Herrmann
Just a Few Feathers
Ute Carson

A Kind Of Wrath
Sandra E. Drake
King of the Wild Suburb
Michael A. Messner

Kung Fu of the Dark Father
Dane Cervine
Land Without Hats
Julie Mughal

The Layers Of Our Seeing
Bright, Pogue, Hamzeh

From the Borderlands
Bette Lynch Husted

Let the
Faces Speak

Peter Nichols

Between Us
Linda Rader Overman

Michael J.

Lightning Forest,
Lava Root
Erica Maria Litz

Living Apart
Joan Baranow

Looking Up At The Bottom Line

Richard R. Troxell

Love's Bluff
Patti See

Cecilia Manguerra Brainard

Magpie Mind
Eileen Berry

Making Gumbo
in the University
Rupert Nacoste
Manzanita Seed
Ed Goodman

María Corbalán
Maternity Labyrinth
Balter Ariel
A-Matter-Of-Happenstance book Cover
A Matter of Happenstance

Catherine Underhill Fitzpatrick
The Measure of Everything
Ed Davis

Meet Me
at the Met

Eric G. Muller
Middle-East Mezze Middle-East Mezze
David Radavich

Midwifing Death
della Madre

Migration Ballads
Ali F. Bilir
The Mind Dancing
Tony Zurlo

Molly Chronicles:
Serotonin Serenade

Jim Simons

Morning Light
Nancy King

A Mother Runs Through It
Carolyn Walker
Mush: The Scenic Detour of a Life
Tara Caimi
My Mother's Daughter
Rebecca Thaddeus

My Side of the Street
Martha Deborah Hall
News Factory
Matthew Abuelo

Next to the
Last Word

Susan Bright
Night Call
Steve Albon

Nobody Can Imagine
Our Longing

Yana Mintoff Bland (Ed.)
No Father Can Save Her
Julene Tripp Weaver

No Honey For Wild Beasts
Alba Cruz-Hacker

Noise and Stories
John Graves Morris

No Justice:
No Victory

Susan Lee
Campbell Solar
Not Black
and White

Mary Hebert (Ed.)

Not Every Woman Swooned
Elaine Heveron

Notes From Refuge
Lana Maht Wiggins
Nothing Left To Lose
Allan G. Johnson
The Nun
Sandra Swayder-Sanchez

Ode To Fragile
Shabnam Piryaei

Of Fractured Clocks, Bones & Windshields
Sheela Sitaram Free
Of Jibaros and Hillbillies book cover by Ricardo Nazario y Colon
Of Jibaros and Hillbillies
Ricardo Nazario y Colon

On a Good Day
Gay Rubin

One Amber Bead
Rebecca Thaddeus

One Small Kindness
Gayl Teller
One for the Money, Two for the Sluice
Albert Noyer

One Stands Guard,
One Sleeps

Nancy Scott

Opening Gates
Nancy King

The Other Sister
Pat Valdata
Pacharan Dreams
Marilyn Kiss
Palm Readings
Eve La Salle
Caram, (Ed.)
Alison Cadbury

The Paper Rose
Tom Absher

Madeleine Herrmann

Part Darkness,
Part Breath

Edward A. Dougherty

The Passion of Maryam
Loren Woodson

the Air

Dennis Ciscel

Paul Bunyan Lives!
Michael O'Rourke

In the Firestorm

Lauren Rusk

Pity the World
Bruce Taylor
Jennifer Noyer

Players In
the Dream, Dreamers
In the Play

Marian Kaplun Shapiro

Poems, Parables
& Prayers

Phillip Stephens
Charles Nauman

Porch Night on Walnut Street
Alex Richardson
Port of Call
Davida Singer
Prayers of the Shaman by Karolyn Redoute Prayers of a Heretic
Yermiyahu Ahron Taub
Prayers of the Shaman by Karolyn Redoute Prayers of the Shaman
Karolyn Redoute
The Putneyville Fables
Marianne Gage
of Fire
Gregg Mosson

A Quiet Divide
Roger Colombik

The Ranch on the Pecos
Sue Littleton
Getting REAL About Alzheimer's
Kassandra A. King
Ute Carson

Red Has
No Reason

JoAnne Growney

Rembrandt's Smock

Remembering Fireflies
Pamela Laskin

Rena, A Late Journey
Eve La Salle

Rendered Invisible
Frank Dobson
The Rescuer's Path
Paula Friedman

Return of the Dark/ Light Mother

Monica Sjöö
For Lessons Learned Or Remembered

Georgia Ann Banks-Martin

Right To Depart
Lou Faber
Ring of Fire
George Kiethley

Rock Worn
By Water

Florence Chard Dacey
The Sacrament of the Goddess
Joe Niemczura

Saints and Cannibals
Christine Hamm

Save the Last Kiss
Ute Carson

Scattered Showers In
a Clear Sky

Anne Higgins

Of Sheets
Pamela Laskin
Secret-Weeping-Of-Stones book cover
A Secret Weeping
Of Stoness

Ron Talney
Selfhood-and-U.S.-Democracy book cover Selfhood
and U.S. Democracy

Edith E. Muesig-Elwood

Kim Zabel

Signal MomentsMarilyn Kiss

S. Jaeschke
The Silent Spring
of Rachel Carson

Paul Portuges

Susan Bright

The Size of the World/
The Shape of the Heart

Aline Soules,
Nancy Ryan
Nichole Lanier Montez
Sojourn at Dusk
Eve Ottenberg
Some Days: Poetry of a Psychotherapist
Linda Leedy Schneider
Some From Zacatecas
Tamar Diana Wilson

Some Mothers Don't Come
In Pastels

Mary Esther Frederick

Some Weather
Scot Siegel

Some Women's Lives
Tamar Diana Wilson
Soul Proprietorship
Diana Lee Velie

A Spirited Escape
Barbara Mary Johnson

The Spoken Body
Yolanda Nieves

Spring Hunger
Keith (KP) Liles

Starchild: The Human Meanings of the Big Bang Cosmos
Don Lago

Star Quilt: The Seventh Jump
Lynn Strongin

Strange Conveyances
M.V. Montgomery

Jack Getman

of Salt

MK Ajay
Tales From Colonia Popular
Tamar Diana Wilson
The Dove Shall Fly
Judith Austin Mills

The Hampshire Project
Kitty Beer
The Inexhaustible Before
Robert Pfeiffer

The Tenderness
of Memory

Christine Swanberg

of War

Emmanuel K. Ngwainmbi

The Stones Speak
Nancy King

There Will Be Silence While You Wait
Mark Jackley
Things I Learned the Hard Way
Esteban Colon

Thousand Cricket Song
Catherine Strisik
Through a Child's Eyes
(Ed.s) Victor Klimoski
& Samuel
Tiny and the Giant
Susan Bright

Tiny Stories
Dennis Ciscel

Tirades and Evidence Of Grace
Susan Bright
Too Hot,
Too Cold,
Just Right

Ann Williamson

Trio: A Corpus Christi Trilogy
Eve La Salle Caram

Of Dreams

Tom McFadden

Two Grains
In Time

Martha Deborah Hall
Uncle Feygele by Yermiyaha Ahron Taub Uncle Feygele
Yermiyahu Ahron Taub

Under the Sign of the Samavor
Marcia Wolf

Unutterable Blunders
and Palace Disasters
Ken Jones

Up From
the Soles
Of Our Feet

(Ed.) Margo

Variations On the Ordinary
(Ed.) Margo

and Other Relationships

Scott Wiggerman

Venus and Other Losses
Lucia Galloway

Violence and
the Secular

J. Douglas

Visible Bones
C. B. Follett

A Walking Cliché Coins
a Phrase
Chad Prevost

Walking Through
Deep Snow

Mary Ann Wehler
The Way Home
Richard Widerkehr

Weighed in
the Balance

Alan Birkelbach
Weight of Light
Martha Deborah Hall

What Love
Can't Do

Kitty Beer
What-Pearl-Harbor-Wrought book cover
What Pearl Harbor Wrought
Akio Konoshima
Wheelchair Samurai book cover by Lee Rossi
Wheelchair Samurai
Lee Rossi
While the Blanket Is Short, Learn To Curl Up
Michael Hawkins
Whispers Fron the Aural World
Karolyn Redoute

Wild Nights! Wild Nights!
Daniela Gioseffi

Wild Raspberries
Beth Paulson

The Wind Came Running
Marianne Gage

Wind Eyes
Susan Bright
& Margo
LaGatuta (Ed.s)
Wind in the Aspens
Gina Browning

Eve La Salle

Women Born During Tornadoes
Joanne Seltzer
Wounds of The Old Trees
Sadik Assaieg, Soheil Najm (Translator)

The Wrong Bride
Nan Hunt


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