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3 Savanna Blue

Poetry by
Peggy Zuleika Lynch
Carlyn Luke Reding
Glynn Monroe Irby
Edited by Susan Bright,
photographs and book design by Glynn Monroe Irby

This is an exquisite poetry book of the abstract and the concrete. The poems and the photographs combine in unexpected ways to help us see the ecstasy in items we had only viewed as common before. Irby's photographs set the tone; sometimes haunting, sometimes disturbing, always intriguing. They capture the light in such a way that it splits, allowing Irby, Lynch, and Reding to examine all the fascinating facets and rays. Items are rarely examined for their metaphors; they are examined instead for their properties, their characteristics.

I found myself reading, then re-reading the analogs of this book, each time finding a new view, much as a choirboy looks through the panes of a stained glass window.

This book is a glistening treasure.

Alan Birkelbach, Poet, Author of Weighed in the Balances, Director, Poetry Society of Texas.

Sol Magazine says, 3 Savanna Blue tantalizes the reader with the smoky-sweet scent of slow-cooked words and simmering sensual images drifting over the heart of the Texas hill country. A mouth-watering read!

The beautiful cover of 3 Savanna Blue symbolizes the ground-breaking qualities of the book -- its blue standing for the range of poetry and photography that takes the reader from the intense blues of sadness and loss to the spiritual ecstasies of the bluest waters and skies. The work of the three co-authors, each at the height of his/her powers, comes to us in three sequences in which each poem and photograph takes its fitting thematic place. The authors take us around the world and into all levels of Being, but they each are grounded in the lovely savanna of South Texas.

Terry Everett, Poet and Professor, Delta State University, Cleveland, Mississippi.

Lynch, Reding, and Irby's poetic images of the commonplace awake readers from their complacent reveries and engage them in an emotional intensity that can change their lives. Irby's thoughtful photographs and refreshing typography complete the perfect relationship between form and content in this beautiful book.

Larry D.Griffin, Ph.D. Professor of English, Dyersburg State Community College, Dyersburg, Tennessee.

3 Savanna Blue is a a rich, mixed-media stew that blends the voices of Lynch, Reding, and Irby, and spices them with photographs and graphics. The interweaving of poems, photographs, and graphics invites the reader to reconsider each text.

Gary S. Rosin, Poet, Author of Sanding Inside the Web (Bear House Publishing), Chair of the Program Committee for the Houston Poetry Fest.

Ibsn: 1-891386-16-6, 180 pages, $18.95

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