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Additions and Subtractions

Stephanie Kaplan Cohen


Additions and Subtractions - book cover




In these poems of a life well lived, Stephanie Kaplan Cohen shares feelings and observations most people choose to deny. She gracefully gives her reader permission to feel and become as authentic as these poems. This book of laughter, tears and wry insights is the work of a wise, wonderful and insightful poet in her prime.

Linda Leedy Schneider
Author of Through My Window: Poetry of
a Psychotherapist

What a pleasure it is to read Stephanie Kaplan Cohen's poetry. It has wit, poignancy, and remarkable craft. I look forward to reading more of this gifted poet's work.

Louise Albert
Author of But I'm Ready to Go, and Less Than Perfect

I dare you to read Additions and Subtractions without falling in love with the poet - with her honesty, quirkiness, originality and humor. Of course, I was already in love with Stephanie Kaplan Cohen. Great truths come in small packages.

Brenda Mantz
Author of Pungo Creek, and Lilly's Tattoo


ISBN: 978-1-935514-58-9

114 pages, $14.95

Poetry: General
Poetry: American - General

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