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Are You There?

A Cosmic Erruption Affects the Lives of Three Children

Vic Rizzo


Are You There by Victor J. Rizzo book cover


Geneticist and Johns Hopkins professor, Mitzi Weaver finds her world turned upside down when three exceptional teens in her care abruptly vanish. She waits in the Bath County Sheriff’s Offi ce for Lieutenant Phil Jenkins, a hard-nosed veteran cop at the Virginia Bureau of Criminal Investigation and up-and-coming FBI Special Agent Clifton Cox. During intense questioning, they try to determine her involvement in the disappearance. Weaver recounts the lives of Ethan, Sara and Chetana, from their remarkable conceptions during a cosmic eruption that blankets the Earth with subatomic particles, to their unexplained disappearance fifteen years later. Are Jenkins and Cox capable of understanding the unique nature of these teens? What facts should she reveal? Will they believe the incredible truth? Under interrogation, Mitzi relates the gifted children’s struggle to apply themselves and avoid opportunists seeking to exploit their unique abilities. The probing plot peers into the fields of genetics, physics and child development. Events move across continents and exotic locations—from the mountains of Colorado, to the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland, to a tiger sanctuary in India, climaxing in the mysterious disappearance at a lake in rural Virginia. Where are they now?


A stunning and unexpected flash lights the sky… Vic Rizzo pens the tale of a cosmic collision that impacts earth, causing a genetic increase in the intelligence of three children born at that instance. Aware of the effect of the intense energy in the explosion of the hypernova, a genetics professor tracks these gifted individuals, until they suddenly disappear and she finds herself accused of complicity. In a fast moving plot, relationships develop between well-drawn characters interacting on three continents in a struggle to understand the edge of metaphysics and science, where matter and energy meet.
—Albert Noyer, Author of Alberix the Celt series and the Fr. Jake Mystery series. www.novels.albertnoyer.com

About the Author

Vic Rizzo, a Texan by birth and a New Mexican by choice, lives in the mountains outside of Albuquerque, with his wife and two Australian Shepherds.

With a doctorate in business, Rizzo worked as a hospital administrator, an international management consultant, and a collegiate administrator and faculty member before retiring in 1996 to pursue sculpting full time. As a successful sculptor, he has produced over two hundred pieces and received abundant recognition for his work.

Are You There? is his first novel and reveals his diverse interests in genetics, astrophysics, quantum theory, theology, the nature of the universe, and the psychology of growing up. It is the fruition of an interest in creative writing that began when writing video vignettes depicting leadership situations at work. A short story, “Why Does the Rooster Crow?” galvanized his interest in writing, and two poems, “A Broken Man” and “Twice Fallen” expressed feelings about the Vietnam War. He describes the two years spent writing Are You There? as a true learning experience.


ISBN: 978-1-63210-023-8
250 pages, $18.95

Fiction : Literary
Fiction : Action & Adventure
Fiction : Mystery & Detective - General
Science : Physics - Astrophysics
Social Science: Child Development
Fiction: Science Fiction

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