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At Work in the Bridal Industry

Nadell Fishman

At Work in the Bridal Industry book cover by Nadell Fishman


Nadell Fishman takes the subjects of ordinary women’s lives and not only delves beneath them but sets them slightly askew so that we see them from fresh new angles. In this world, for instance, “Dorothy decided that Oz suits her,” and these poems will certainly suit its readers.
Linda Pastan

Nadell Fishman is able to take on both sides of emotion—love and loss—with equal intensity. The graceful hopes that we bring to our engagements with one another are played out in her poems with compassion, clarity and insight. There is no melodrama in these poems; no special pleading. They go about their work with an attentiveness that is now rueful and now struck by the delight of a woman who “encounters love” amid “her vestige of sadness.” Her poise is all the more poignant for the tremor of feeling that she sounds in poem after poem.
Baron Wormser

Nadell Fishman’s beautifully wrought poems are notable for their voice—at once wry, passionate and reflective--and the accumulated wisdom of a life rich in love and loss.  At Work in the Bridal Industry is as ample as a novel and as intimate as a memoir, but above all it is poetry of the most pleasurable kind. 
Lynne Sharon Schwartz


ISBN: 978-1-935514-04-6

80 pages, $14.95

Poetry: American - General
Poetry: General

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