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Beyond Light and Dark

Michael J. Osborne

Beyond Light and Dark Book Cover

This beautiful book gives you a glimpse of the deep sense of supreme reality that underlies our daily living, unites us all as collective travelers through this journey (of life) in which we have the power to modify reality at every moment.

Claudia Torres
Writer, Matehuala, S.L.P.,Mexico

Beyond Light and Dark fascinates and engages me, but in a few short pages, it dragged me into the present moment causing me to forego all the wise and insightful comments I might otherwise have made about it.

Dan Crow
Attorney, Austin, Texas

Michael Osborne speaks and writes in such an easy fashion, anybody should be able to grasp these concepts of understanding and these particular messages that are imparted.... these truths that seem evident. Anyone who is reading this book should be able to understand experientially at least something that he's talking about. They will have had that experience at some point in time and they will be able to identify this as truth. Calling on the commonalities of everyday living, everyday life, he takes everyday experiences and allows for wisdom to flow through. Thus, he gives the reader a greater understanding of the most simplistic things that we habitually do. Beyond Light and Dark shows us the mystery of the patterns that we have created, and it helps us unravel them."

Winifred Adams
Recording Artist/Songwriter
Los Angeles, California

ISBN: 978-0-9819731-9-7

234 pages, $18.95

Science : Energy
Body, Mind & Spirit : Healing - General
Philosophy : Metaphysics


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