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Dead In Iraq

Eve Ottenberg

A stereoscopic study of battlefield carnage and suburban aspirations - of the chaos of roadside explosions abroad and the masquerade of normality at home - Eve Ottenberg's stingingly detailed, stately paced Dead in Iraq is an elegy suffused with a sense of loss and fortified with a quiet fury over lives destroyed, dreams dashed, bonds severed. It's a novel about what happens under the noise of headline news, and how the lives of the survivors are lived after those headlines fade - the silent, invisible true casualty toll of war.

James Wolcott
Vanity Fair
Author of the novel
The Catsitters

Eve Ottenberg not only knows how to tell a story, but brings you so far inside that it'll stay with you.

Nat Hentoff
Village Voice columnist


ISBN: 978-0-911051-54-4

240 pages, $18.95


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