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Human Scale:
A Novel

Kitty Beer

Human Scale book cover image

It's 2062, and Boston is mostly under water. In response to climate change chaos, an authoritian theocracy is tearing families apart and demolishing human rights. How will love survive? A futuristic eco-thriller with visceral punch. With the environment as character, Human Scale is wonderfully evocative and deeply moving, with great psychological insight and stunning imagery. A fully realized world, masterfully done.

Paula de Fougerolles, Ph.D.


Kitty Beer writes from a place of deep intelligence and honesty. Her characters are vivid, complete, and alive. The men are tough, the women are tougher. Her empathy, her passion for humanity, and for this planet we call Earth, is deeply powerful. What we are left with is a promise of hope. If we care enough.

Amelia Campbell
Actress and Playwright


In Kitty Beer's riveting new book, the heros' suffering and growth represent the eternal hopefulness and strength of the human spirit.

John Amiard
Author of Swedish Blood


Human Scale has Kitty Beer's usually wonderful language and great character interplay, along with a truly compelling page-turner of a story.

Jackie Fenn
Author of Viral

ISBN: 978-1-935514-42-8

330 pages, $18.95

Fiction: General, Literary
Social Science: Future Studies

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