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It’s All About Shoes


Edited by Pamela L. Laskin
Co-editors: Lyn Di Iorio and Karen Clark

It's All About Shoes by Laskin-Iorio-Clark book cover




A Collection of Essays, Poems and Stories About Women and Their Unusual Relationship to Shoes

Unique stories about shoes and their memories as diverse as the women who write them.
Jane Weitzman from Stuart Weitzman Shoes

If there’s a woman who’s not fixated on shoes, chances are she has no feet or lives on a hot desert island where footwear is superfluous. As we go through life, the fixation may mutate from the annual delight with a new pair of dress-up Mary Janes, to height-and-leg enhancing heels and boots to anything that feels good on aging feet. But attention to what goes on our feet often has significance beyond the beautiful and practical. This book promises to depict the full gamut of ‘shoe-ness’ in an entertaining and illuminating fashion.
Jane Brody, Science Writer for New York Times

Savvy, smart, sophistication, style. Shoes are the source of power that drive a woman’s performance, and It’s All About Shoes captivates the passion behind all of this! It’s a real winner!
Eric Mudick from Eric’s Shoes

I remember in college that someone had a poster with a variation on Eleanor Roosevelt’s famous slogan ‘Great minds talk about ideas, average minds talk about events, small minds talk about people, miniscule minds talk about shoes.’ This attitude is belied in It’s All About Shoes, which proves that great minds talk about shoes, and that shoes themselves can stand for ideas, events and people. In the essays, poems and reflections in this collection, shoes mean many things; they are, as the book’s divisions show, icons of the past, present, and future; they are memories and hopes, desires and fears, images of ourselves and others, symbols of moments in life and time. They lure readers into their closets to imagine what their own shoes might say, though I doubt many readers can express these meanings as eloquently and evocatively as the authors in this book. For everyone who thinks about what she puts on her feet, it’s a must read.
Angela Jane Weisl, Professor, Seton Hall University



ISBN: 978-1-63210-012-2

188 pages, $17.95

Fiction : Anthologies (multiple authors)
POETRY / Women Authors
Design : Fashion

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