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Meet Me
At the Met

Eric G. Müller

Meet Me At the Met - book cover


Eric G. Müller's classy title, Meet Me at the Met, invites readers to follow a rich tale of romance, idealism, scandal, and emerging self knowledge. The novel has a double story-the living of a life and the process of writing that life-both tales narrated by a high-minded, vain, passionate, confessional man who is determined to write it all until he can understand it. He delights in the arts, teaches at a school near New York City's beloved Metropolitan Museum, and reveres the treasures there. Each time he wants to recall and record an episode from his life, he goes to the Met and chooses from among its famous galleries a different "office" to write in. Having grown up near the Met myself, I particularly enjoyed the passages where various parts of the museum's immense collection are precisely and appreciatively described. In this absorbing fiction about inspiration, personal growth, and the capacity for mature awareness, Müller has woven an enticing tapestry of pleasure, pain, aspiration, and love.

Gertrude Reif Hughes
Professor Emerita, Wesleyan University

The book is delightful, original and idiosyncratic. It's completely original. Congratulations!

Andre Gregory, Internationally renowned director and actor
Film credits include: My Dinner with Andre, The Last Temptation of Christ, Demolition Man, and Vanya on 42nd Street


ISBN: 978-1-935514-49-7

260 pages, $18.95

Fiction : Literary
Fiction : Psychological
Fiction : Urban Life

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