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Morning Light:
Second Edition

Nancy King


Morning Light: Second Edition by Nancy King book cover


New Yorker Anna Baum feels as if she has lived her life with her face pressed against a window watching other people enjoy living. Her only friend is an imaginary childhood storyteller named Boonah, who one day
mysteriously disappears.

Secure and successful as a teacher in a posh private school, Anna wonders how she grew up an outsider, lost her childhood storyteller, chose a profession she didn’t want, and married charming but abusive Max.

Life changes when Anna seeks out a job teaching emotionally disturbed preschoolers. A potent nightmare and a virulent bout of pneumonia force her to confront the reality of her marriage. During a long hospital stay, two nurses breach her protective wall. Boonah reappears and with him, she recover her stories. The transformation is profound and powerful. Anna finds herself in a world  lled with new possibilities.


Nancy King puts this tale together like a jigsaw puzzle—flashes of multiple points of view, immersing readers in the minds and hearts of people who influence the heroine Anna for good or bad. Anna's story reverses the old movie "It's a Wonderful Life." Instead of the main character realizing the influence she's had on others, she discovers how to thank others for their influences on her.

Nancy King strikes a blanace between the darkness of abuse and major illness, and lightness of discovering life's unexpected joys. Morning Light is for readers who know the tough road to growth when coming of age.

Ms. King handles the craft of writing with style. Her shifts in character point of view work well... the blend of family stories, traditional tales, and fictional narrative make the book intriguing.

— Reading New Mexico

The beauty of this book lies in its layered use of the healing power of story. Not only does Nancy King gift us with the courageous journey of Anna out of the vortex of abuse, but she nests stories within stories that lead to a victory both brave and hard won.

— Lisa Dale Nelson, Author of Shimmering Images and Hawk Flies Above



ISBN: 978-1-6321-0020-7

330 pages, $17.95

Fiction : Religious & Inspirational
Fiction : World literature
Fiction : Contemporary Literature

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