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Partita: A Psychological Mystery

Madeleine Herrmann

Partita Book Cover

Partita is a psychological mystery as complex as the extraordinary violin solo music by Bach. Ernst Feidler-a brilliant linguist, psychologist, and violinist-commits a shocking and unexplainable suicide at the height of his career. His devastated wife, Manou, is left to raise their four children and piece together the hidden motives behind the death of her beloved Ernst.

The iconoclastic European couple rode the intense post-World War II world into the cultural upheavals of the 1960s with tireless energy. Through Manou's progressively deeper scrutiny of their life, she unveils his descent into psychosis and her own participation in his decline. Finally, she gives birth to a new self without him. 

"Herrmann brings honesty, sensitivity, and compassion to this heartbreaking tale of living with - and losing - a family member who is mentally ill. Clear-eyed and unflinching, it is the story of one woman's determination not just to survive, but to thrive through love and understanding. PARTITA is a triumph."

Summer Wood, author of the novel Arroyo

"This elegant and evocative book is sure to touch the heart and awaken the imagination of intelligent readers everywhere"

Sean Murphy, novelist, author of
The Hope Valley Hubcap King and The Time of New Weather

"From the first arresting sentence, Madeleine Herrmann launches this tense psychological detective story. She fluently mixes chronologies as she tells of Manou's marriage, the tragic suicide of her husband, and her own search for meaning. Hermann's thought-provoking work swirls with complex motivations and mistakes made by helping professionals. As Manou gradually comes to an understanding of Ernst's death, she finds she has come into a more confident sense of herself."

Ann Jauregui, PhD, author of
Epiphanies: Where Science & Miracles Meet

ISBN: 978-1-891386-94-7

152 pages, $14.95

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