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Questions of Fire

Gregg Mosson

Questions Of Fire Book Cover

Questions of Fire is a poet's response to the complex 21st century environment, from work to home to war, in an age dawning with violence. This book offers not quick solutions to dilemmas, but discoveries won through experience, and illuminating observations of contemporary life.

Meditation on Washington D.C. in April 2003

During the war, winter thawed in a rapid
of hot and cold days, disarming us
with a tempest of wind, lull, and rain:
Walking to work in a wetness of caves,
talking of war in flash fountains of sun,
greens filled the trees like so many birds;
birds will perch soon like so many buds;
they will sing the ever-fresh song. . . .

One way we understand poetry is by what is left with us-an aftermath-I cannot get these poems out of my mind.

Grace Cavalieri
Poet and radio host of The Poet and the
from The Library of Congress

Gregg Mosson is a unique nature poet as well as antiwar beacon and poetry activist.

Wilderness poet and author of Factory

One cannot help but follow, poem after poem, as Mosson takes on the personal responsibility of bearing witness. Truly, "solidarity" is what one feels then - the unflinching presence of a poet attendant to human experience, who asks the questions first of himself.

Madeleine Mysko
Faculty at Johns Hopkins University
Author of Bringing Vincent Home

ISBN: 978-0-9819731-7-3

86 pages, $14.95

Poetry : American - General

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