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Star Quilt: The Seventh Jump

Lynn Strongin

Star Quilt Book Cover


Lynn Strongin is a poet and mystic ­- decoding the unseen messages of this life. One can see oneself in the protagonists of Star Quilt: The Seventh Jump - photographer Maggie, upstart pioneer, pushing the envelope of her art, and Rachel, a retired postal carrier with back problems who could once walk the length and breadth of a small town with a heavy letter sack on her back. All Strongin's characters are, to one degree or another, visionaries and outsiders.

Anne Ross, translator

There is no other poet writing today who takes poetry so totally seriously and gets so absolutely involved with the writing-process as a means of psycho-spiritual rebirth. You enter Strongin's world and it's not just like traveling to another planet but into a whole new alternative universe.

Hugh Fox, poet and critic

This new book is a wonder.

Glenna Luschei, poet

About Lynn Strongin's short fiction collection, Albino Peacock:
. . . quite a wonderful achievement. I read it from start to finish in one sitting. It's marvelous. It is music. It is poetry.

Florence Miller, teacher, poet, co-editor of
Poems by Shakespeare's Sisters (Shakespeare's Sisters Press)

ISBN: 978-0-9819731-8-0

168 pages, $14.95

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