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The Corporate Kid: Rainbow After the Storm

poems by Nicole Lanier Montez

Foreword by Neil Shulman, M.D.

The Corporate Kid Rainbow After the Storm by Nicole Montez book cover

This collection of poems is inspired by the book The Corporate Kid, a story about the unlikely intertwining of two worlds…that of a wealthy middle-aged Caucasian CEO and that of a low-income African-American adolescent from the "hood." It's a story of how easy it is to end up down a wrong path, and yet how simple it can be to turn in the right the direction, regardless of economic status. It explores the ripple effect a person's actions in the world around them and makes a case for the potential of anyone to become one of the "MLK"s or "Ghandi"s of the world, leading others through example and acting as a catalyst for positive change by never wavering from what may be "the right thing to do."

This poetry collection is part of a movement of "Corporate Kid" projects designed to encourage the low-income ethical "Corporate Kid's out there who are coming into their own, and help the up and coming generations improve their odds of achieving virtuous instead of greed-driven success. It can positively inspire all Americans.

The voice of Nicole Lanier Montez's poetry reaches across the great economic divide that makes America a place of opposing and separate realities. Best spoken aloud to fully appreciate the sense of urgency. the words speak to one's soul. Nicole's poetry does not want to keep silent on the page – it rattles the fonts and the letters with a primal cry to be voiced. It's time for those who have had no say to let their voices ring. It's time to connect the "haves" with the "have nots," reverse the trend of increasing poverty among our youth, and show the world that every child in America deserves an equal opportunity to succeed.

Neil Shulman, M.D., author of The Corporate Kid


ISBN: 978-1-891386-99-2

Full color interior and cover

84 pages, $20.95

Juvenile Nonfiction : Poetry - General
Juvenile Nonfiction : Activity Books - General
Juvenile Nonfiction : Social Issues - Values & Virtues

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