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There Will Be Silence While You Wait

Mark Jackley

Cilantro, Not Coriander Book Cover

There is a wonderful honesty and flow to Mark Jackley's poems that makes the reader connect with the brief vignettes he creates. His poems are without pretense and don't dance around the ideas with fancy words or too clever cliches. These are poems that anyone can relate to and it's that quality that makes you want to read his book straight through and come back to it a few days later. These are snippets of life without blinders, poems that are crushing in their earnestness. They are not to be missed.

Karina Bowman
Editor, Thick With Conviction

Mark Jackley's There Will Be Silence While You Wait is a personal glimpse into a psyche torn by failed relationships and loss. His pain and skepticism regarding a higher power is evident as he tries to make sense of it all. Though heartbreaking, there are breathers where you see him picking up and moving on. One poem that sums it up might be "Glimpsed While Stuck in Traffic," where he finds the hope and beauty in spite of the ugly. These poems of coping and perserverance are a must for any collection.

Sandee Lyles
Oak Bend Review


ISBN: 978-1-935514-24-4

82 pages, $14.95

Poetry : American - General

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