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Those Bones
at Goliad:
a Texas Revolution novel

sequel to How Far Tomorrow


by Judith Austin Mills


Those Bones at Goliad by Judith Austin Mills  book cover


A sweeping tale of 19th-century Texas...
Texas history on a broad, complex scale
—Kirkus Reviews

When young Shelby Whitmire spies a flatboat coming down the Mississippi to Natchez, he doesn't know that two aboard are on the run to Mexico’s Texas territory. How could the motherless boy foresee his adult years unfolding in that wilderness? After fiery speeches in 1835 convince others to help Texas win independence, it is friendship and heartbreak driving Shelby across the Sabine River and onto perilous trails. No survivor from the spring of revolution forgets the Alamo, but Goliad haunts at any hour, too. And all Shelby Whitmire ever wanted was to wake each morning knowing how a good man would live his day.


Here is the most human side of the Texas Revolution, the honorable remains of glory and tragedy. From the South brave soldiers came in the cause of freedom, though their own states were dependent on the servitude of slaves and the displacement of native tribes. Their courage won the war—but Judith Austin Mills reminds us that true freedom, then and now, requires our steady devotion to humanity.
John Willingham, historian and author, The Edge of Freedom

Novelist Judith Austin Mills has once again given us her insightful characters and exceptional ability to bring alive a turning point in history. Always discerning and perceptive, she guides us into unforgettable territory with a masterful and steady hand. A "Must Read" for the whole family.
Sharon Kahn, author, Scribner and University of Texas Press

Those Bones at Goliad is a deeply emotional, factually written story of the Texas split from Mexico. Judith Austin Mills knits historical characters with fictional characters into a fine readable fabric that is rich in color and scope. She has penned a narrative of extraordinary proportions.
Karen Casey Fitzjerrell, award-winning author, Forgiving Effie Beck and The Dividing Season

Weaving a tale around the intertwining lives of the men and women of the Texas Revolution, Judith Austin Mills takes the reader on an exciting ride filled with acts of courage, perseverance, triumph, and tragedy. Want to know what life was like in revolutionary Texas and its aftermath? Read this well-researched book.
Jeffrey Kerr, author, Austin, Texas–Then and Now, The Republic of Austin and Seat of Empire


ISBN: 978-1-63210-013-9

344 pages, $21.95

Fiction : Historical - General
Fiction : War & Military
Fiction : Cultural Heritage

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