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Trio: A Corpus Christi Trilogy

Eve La Salle Caram

Trio: A Corpus Christi Trilogy book cover


Eve La Salle Caram's new short novel, published here in Trio for the first time, is a story not only about a search for a lost relative, but about finding the lost pieces of several lives. It is also the story the author's students at Los Angeles City College, who after reading her novel Rena, A Late Journey, have repeatedly urged her to write "Looking For Johnny", the story that brings her Corpus Christi novels full circle.


About: Looking For Johnny

"Two of my favorites just became three! Eve Caram has fulfilled the promise offered by Dear Corpus Christi in her usual inimitable style."

Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Multi award-winning author and poet

"Looking for long lost Johnny was the last thing Elizabeth wanted to do, and we, as readers, are compelled to search with her. Eve La Salle Caram draws us into her web of mystery in a world of secrets that Looking For Johnny weaves. A relentless page turner, impossible to put down, riveting!"

Linda Rader Overman
Award winning author, Letters Between Us

About: Rena, A Late Journey

"A lyrical telling...the rhythms in Rena, A Late Journey, are magical and gentle, the losses and revelations gut wrenching. Caram's enchanting novel brings healing in the form of a friendship that sees no boundaries of color or age or passage of time..."

Louinn Lota
Arts and Entertainment Writer, Associated Press

About: Dear Corpus Christi

"Eve La Salle Caram's voice is very strong. With the first line you are swept into another place and time. I love this book!"

Cecilia Manguerra Brainard
Author of Magdalena, and When The Rainbow Goddess Wept

"A novel that speaks of ephemeral joy."

Cathy Downs
English Professor, Texas A & M, Kingsville

"Her deep feelings for that place and its people come to us as truth..."

Elizabeth Spencer

"Wonderful and very touching."

John Rechy

ISBN: 978-1-935514-20-6

358 pages, $22.95

Fiction: General
Fiction: Literary
Fiction: Pyschological

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