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Wild Raspberries

Beth Paulson

Book cover of Wild Raspberries

Beth Paulson's poems are "so visually sensory-delightful!"

Jean Mellichamp Milliken, Editor, The Lyric

Wild Raspberries is a poetry of plain talk with images from the countryside and family life. Crisp and clear, these poems by Beth Paulson often have the feeling of haiku. Their task is truly "seeing" the world, a world far from cities and today's turmoil, for their author seeks respite in reflection on nature. An epigraph that opens one poem, "A poem is a walk" (A. R. Ammons) expresses the book's philosophy as the poet invites us to join her in seeking the "comfort of stones" and the lessons of the fox.

Mary Crow, Colorado Poet Laureate

Beth Paulson's poems are a kind of stillness, a quietly examined life in lines as clear as a mountain stream. "How will we be changed?" she asks at one point. "Will the world?" This welcome collection is her earned reply.

David Mason, Professor of English, The Colorado College


ISBN: 978-0-9819731-2-8

80 pages, $14.95


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