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The Wind Came Running

Marianne Gage


The Wind Came Running - book cover


Marianne Gage is an old-fashioned writer in the best sense of the word. She develops characters organically through keenly observed gestures and spot-on colloquial language, and soon the reader is sucked into their lives, witnessing and caring deeply about the small dramas and traumas of daily life in Oklahoma. These characters aren't demonstrative in a modern way, blabbing about their inner life to anyone who will listen; rather, they meet life's challenges with a mixture of stoicism, colorful personal quirks, and quiet faith in the support of community.

Gage shows deep insight into small-town psychology, and her writing sings with authenticity, humor, and quiet pathos. Her story will sweep you up and carry you along on a warm Oklahoma wind, then put you down gently at the end well satisfied by a finely told tale.

Cynthia Leslie-Bole, Writer

Marianne Gage is a wonderful writer with great stories to tell. She's heart-warming, but also challenging and inspiring.

Alan Rinzler, Executive Editor
Jossey-Bass/John Wiley & Sons, San Francisco, CA

Marianne Gage tells stories as naturally as she breathes. Her voice proclaims the authenticity of experience of an American life, and the humor and insights that fill her writing add to the pleasure of her readers.

Laura Wine Paster, Poet

Gage has penned a novel full of wit, complexity and compassion. Her characters bump through life's ups and downs with humor and grace.

Catherine E. Cutler, Humor Columnist

ISBN: 978-1-935514-46-6

454 pages, $28.95

Fiction : General
Fiction : Literary
Fiction : Psychological

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