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Ancient Water

A Water Chronicle Featuring
Dr. Francis Allenton

Dennis Edwards



Ancient Water invites the reader to think about the Earth's growing water crisis and the corporate giants willing to do almost anything to control water in the name of higher profits. A scientist, his wife, her environmentalist ex-lover, and a corporate executive caught in the evil schemes of a global water cartel question whether they should take up arms in defense of the Earth or to leave the Earth to rid itself of the scourge of humanity.

Bill Bunch, Texas, Director, Save Our Springs Alliance

Ancient Water awakens us to the complacency of our every day lives and then prompts us to realize and face the dangers of what is being done to our water. It is our duty and responsibility to strive with all we have to protect our water. I thought about how our forefathers faced endless adversities, but they fought and survived. How can we do less?

Betty Smallie, Illinois, avid reader and active octogenarian

As Copernicus vanquished an earlier age of its dead-wrong astronomic illusions, deep ecologists are urgently trying to rid our present age of its greatest illusion: that human interests and survival can be understood or achieved separate from the rest of nature. As the deep ecologists say, and as is keenly suggested in Edwards' novel, Nature bats last. Indeed.

Patrick Gariety, Missouri, psychiatrist embracing deep ecology

Ancient Water releases a tide of awareness concerning the future of our world. Following the characters introduced in The Caduceus, Edwards' first novel in this series, the author enlarges the intrigue surrounding Francis Allenton, a discredited, water scientist now living in France. Allenton is recruited by the European Space Agency while his new wife reveals her historical activism and current perspective that Mother Earth knows best.

Larry Smallie, California, Regional Sales Director, Zaner-Bloser Educational Publishing

This installment finds the Water Cartel up to new tricks while Francis and Cassidy find themselves embroiled in new adventures. Edward's latest book captivates the reader, as the story moves from France to Louisiana. Be prepared to lose sleep as you find the book hard to put down.

Jim Walker, Maine, wildlife photographer and environmental activist

ISBN: 978-1-891386-58-9. $14.95

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