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Bird of the Present Moment

by Paméla Overeynder

Transforming her daily moments into flowers, Paméla Overeynder offers a bouquet of poems in this book. Reminiscent of the meditative nature poet, Mary Oliver, these layered refl ections on the natural world offer moments of stillness in which the reader can rest and contemplate.

Anissa Housley,

Austin writer Paméla has invited us to sit and walk and fly with her. I trust you will fi nd, as I have, that this is a great honor.

Neil Meili, Austin, Texas and Calgary, Alberta poet

Sky of Mind

The massive dome of pink granite
lifts off the ground in a grand gesture,
taking few trees with it as it climbs
to its smooth, flat summit near the clouds.

Some nights, the clouds dip down and swim
in little pools that lie scattered about.
Clouds enjoy the game of being everywhere at once.
When the moon comes out,
she catches the fun,
and without any effort,
there's a moon in every pool.

Up here on the summit,
surrounded by boundless clouds and moons,
and hundreds of billions of stars,
the mind is free to be
everywhere at once,
shining, shining.

Ibsn: 1-891386-44-1, 80 pages, $14.95

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