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The Blue Geography

A Romance

by Eve La Salle Caram

The Blue Geography continues the story of the characters in the critically acclaimed short novel, Wintershine. A mercurial book about the quest for for freedom and the pursuit of happiness, it interweaves four stories which span the 20th century; those of Beatrice, her mother, Louise, her Uncle Robin (all of whom narrate) and that of Beatrice's uncle, Lyman Roy.

Louise tells about her youth when she ran away on a wild horse that she loved. Robin, who is a timid boy, tells about flying off rooftops and almost off an Hawaiian hilltop, (and about how he discovered when he was on stage that he could sing).

Roy's story, which Beatrice relates, is different -- a "journey to the interior," a story of withdrawal, retreat into what Beatrice calls "the world's heart" -- and the one she learns the most from.

An American myth, a chase after a dream that spans continents and oceans, a long rainbow -- in this case, Scotland to Maui, this is a book that explores the concept of boundlessness and a quest for freedom of the spirit.

First finalist The Texas Review 2001 novel contest, judged by George Garrett

About Wintershine --

. . . a lyrical account of the beauty found in ordinary life.

Texas Books in Review

A book of open detail and whirling bits of memory.

Small Press Review

. . . a delicate tale of childhood that will bring tears of recognition.

L. A. Times Reader Review

Ibsn: 1-891386-46-8, 134 pages, $14.95

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