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Burying the Tree

Emilio DeGrazia



The essay is an old and noble form, but we've almost lost it in the welter of op-ed rants and whining recitation of childhood wrongs. But Emilio DeGrazia restores the honor andpleasure of the genre. His essays do what Montaigne asked: Explore the way a mind works and what's in it. And DeGrazia does it with literate wit. A person who thinks -- and who has read books -- lives in these essays. Why not think, and let the mind play, when a rattlesnake sheds its skin a few feet from your chair?

Bill Holm

In this beautifully written and deeply felt collection of essays, DeGrazia does more than merely think about his subjects; he patiently enfolds them, studies each from multiple angles until he uncovers their essential truth. Whether his topic is religion, faces in a crowd, small town eccentrics, rattlesnakes, or a fig tree in his Minnesota back yard, each of his essays provides an irresistible journey of discovery for the thoughtful reader.

Richard Broderick

Burying the Tree tells stories as inherent in our nature as the aging lines in our faces. DeGrazia explores the great ideas you and I muse about as we drive long distances away from home, rounds them out wonderfully, and brings us back to our senses.

Joyce Benvenuto

ISBN: 978-1-891386-70-1. $14.95

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