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The Caduceus

A Water Chronicle featuring Dr. Francis Allenton

By Dennis Edwards


When water scientist Francis Allenton discovers an authentic caduceus in a Grecian shop, his life and work plunge into mysteries, ancient and new. Edwards knows the territory, that same territory that drives NASA to search for traces of water on Mars and the outer planets, that has driven humankind to quest for the elusive Fountain of Youth.

Jory Sherman, Author of The Baron Decision

I've been in the Crescent Hotel and the church across from it many times. But now instead of attending mass, I'm going to be looking for a hidden altar. Like The DaVinci Code, The Caduceus keeps us wondering and reading.

Lou Turner, President, Ozark Writers League

I was touched, inspired, and driven to deep thought as Edwards' characters moved through their vivid, sometimes humorous, and always complex world. The Caduceus reveals the healing powers of the deep wells in the human spirit as well as its capacity for evil.

Larry D. Smallie, Regional Sales Director, Zaner-Bloser Educational Publishing

The Caduceus is a great read -- well researched, excellent character development, and a well thought-out plot. I can hardly wait for the sequel. I don't think I will ever look at a bottle of spring water in quite the same way.

Jim Walker, nature photographer

The Caduceus is too real for comfort and hits very close to home. Is this happening in your neighborhood? Have you had your bottled water today? A must read for everyone who drinks water.

Rose Keene, an avid reader

ISBN:1-891386-50-6, 128 pgs, $14.95

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