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Callahan County

By Brenda BlackWhite

"These poems, set in Callahan County in the '50s, combine traditional poetic form with the story- telling voice of folklore, bringing us tales the poet overheard on the back porch as she grew up, charged and vitalized with the consciousness of a modern poet. We turn from her work moved but uneasy, for often as not we have seen ourselves. "
Elmer Kelton, Folklorist

"Brenda Black White sits ramrod straight on the couch, hands resting in her lap, the edge taken off her strong voice by a Texas twang. Like a schoolgirl she is reciting poetry, except the verse is her own and it comes to life with her telling."
Robert Kohlman, Stuart News

Cover by Rick Williams, ISBN: 0-911051-49-X, 94 pgs., $14.95, ISBN: 0-91105183-X,



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