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Crystals of the Unforseen


Lyn Coffin

An award-winning writer of poetry, prose and drama, Lyn Coffin probes the depths of the heart in this collection of recent work. The book includes a one-act play, a group of stories, and a section of her poems. At home in any genre, Coffin is an impeccable wordsmith who dares to linger below the surface of things with sardonic wit and passion. As the title indicates, the unforeseen is the operative villain here -- and this book is the soul's journey to overcome the sting of that which cannot be controlled. The reader is rewarded with the surprise of truth that grows organically from the struggles of these characters.

Margo LaGattuta, Poet, Embracing the Fall, Workshop Facilitator, Radio Host

About Lyn Coffin's Work:

Lyn Coffin is a renaissance woman: her remarkable energies and genius enable her to excel in both poetry and fiction. The poet's flexible and versatile use of form shows a knowledge of prosody so highly developed as to appear effortless, while the ideas allow a window into a brilliant and inventive mind. In reading her work, I am continually astounded at the veracity with which she pursues her demons and delights. My own world view is enlivened and enriched by such integrity. Ms. Coffin's fiction shows further evidence of an original and delightful intelligence. Her lively and memorable characters speak as if they are possessed by forces slightly beyond their control, in voices brimming with wit, intelligence, cunning, and love. The structure of her stories unfolds with such grace that one forgets the skill it takes to produce such "effortless" architecture.

Alice Fulton

She is unusually broad in her knowledge, and has obviously been reading everything in sight from the age of two. She has a responsible intelligence and she combines it with an active and exciting imagination.

Donald Hall

What's most enchanting . . . is the seemingly limitless fertility of invention we're exposed to as the language spins out, briefly or at length . . . . Diversity is the name of Coffin's game. Not only the permutations of story lines, but the proliferation of conventional verse forms: sestina, sonnet, and villanelle prominent among them. As in the fiction and plays, the kaleidoscope of voices holds us spellbound.

Laurence Goldstein Editor, Michigan Quarterly Review

Ibsn: 0-911051-64-3, 124 pages, $14.95

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