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The Day of the Heart


By Michael J. Osborne


If Michael Osborne were President, we would all be rich and at peace, and there would be a Secretary of Excellence.

Augie Garrido, baseball coach

This charming tale lifts the heart and stretches the imagination. Michael Osborne uses mystery and magic to tell the story of the gentle People of the Sun as they defend their land against the People of the Cities. One can almost see the Valley of Memories and the Mountain of Hope. Children and those young at heart can explore a place where Childpersons are schooled by the Muses and Elderguides use The Way to restore peace and harmony to the land. With just one more leap of imagination, one can envision a world where everyone lives The Oneness.

Kathleen Sommers, apparel designer

How would the world look if humans lived in harmony with nature? Michael Osborne has created a rich answer in Day of the Heart. He's combined mystery with fantasy and invented a compelling vision of the future where some communities truly do live in peace and where Love is the most powerful "weapon" of all -- powerful enough to defeat armies and transform the world. Charlie Loving's drawings are a magical addition to a book that will be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

Brigid Shea, former Austin City Council Member, environmental activist

As in the Roman Empire when Pliny foretold, through allegory and constant reporting, the many ills the Romans wrought, as well as many solutions to the same with barely an ear that responded until it was too late, Michael Osborne brings the timeless tool of allegory to reveal our most defi ning moments.

Pliny Fisk III, Co-Director, Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems

ISBN:1-891386-47-6, 136 pgs, $14.95

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