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Depth of Field

Colleted Poems


Frank Pool

I have come to recognise the hallmarks of Frank Pool's poetry: an originality of approach, a supple control of imagery, stance, tone, and diction: and a fine singing line. In every poem we listen to the voice of a humane man, enquiring, perceptive, passionate, and compassionate.

Robert Druce, Suffolk, England. Doctor of Letters, University of Leiden, The Netherlands, Retired

Frank Pool writes in classic modes, with form and structures only just managing to marshall the passions: leave this book open too long, and you'll see the air above the pages heat up, shimmering and dancing.

Ross Clark, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia, co-editor, Paper Wasp.

Frank Pool's long-awaited collection is likely to bring him the national attention he deserves. Pool's poetry has "heat" in that is is about something. It is the poetry of compelling voice.

John B. Lee, Brantford, Ontario, Canada. People's Poetry Award, Tilden Canadian Literary Award, editor of numerous anthologies, author of Stella's Journey (Black Moss Press, 1999).

With verses both classical and contemporary, Frank Pool's pen trails from tongue to page with gentle rage. The Words are not placed, but woven. Romantic, strong and turthful, few writers courageously allow their hearts to stick out so far, with such articulation and understanding.

Jeanne Spicuzza, Los Angeles, poet, artist, CEO, Seasons and a Muse.

Frank Pool's poems map the territory of desire thoroughly. By exploring spaces between, whether between classical mythology and contemporary life or between personal expectations and the reality each of us must eventually accept, his work plumbs the depths of the human condition.

Robert Wynne, Fort Worth, Co-editor, Cider Press Review.

Ibsn: 1-891386-21-2, 108 pages, $14.95

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