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Embracing the Fall

By Margo LaGattuta

The spirit of creativity is alive in everything this poet does. There is passion, question, humor and an artist's vision in these poems which are both fragile and powerful. There is recovery in the metaphors this poet finds rising clear-headed, shocking us into awareness, into compassion, into our best selves.

"A connoisseur of wordplay, she invents dramatic situations and hangs on for the ricochet of astounding discoveries."
"Detroit News"

"Her poems speak of the strengthening quality of loss and the regeneration of the spirit. She frequently uses nature as a metaphor . . . The accessibility of her messages makes this collection valuable for YA collections."
Sue E. Budin, YA Librarian, "Kliatt"

"In front of a class of aspiring writers, her eyes light up and her enthusiasm seems to exude an ethereal sort of energy that inspires her students."
Diana Dillaber Murry, The Oakland Press

"These poems are deceptive: put your toe in because they seem gentle and funny, and your foot is gone, never mind your hat--into delightful and sometimes wicked depths."
Faye Kicknowsway, Poet, Professor of English Literature, University of Hawaii

"The imagination finds its proper home here with the sure tone and unflinching eye of a poet who is not afraid to dare the heights to find a truly original landscape."
Judith Kitchen, State Street Press

Art by Christine Reising, 84 pgs, $14.95, ISBN: 0-911051-71-6,




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