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Everything Changes

A Spiritual Journey

By Stan Biderman

"In these poems, introduced by quotations from an interview with the poet's parents about the Holocaust, we see how the shadow is cast from survivors to their children. We see also how a second- generation survivor has journeyed past the horror, fear and pain. The poetic journey travels a road to recovery through horror into adulthood. This is an honest journey that holds onto the essential necessity of family and spirit. The poems are straightforward and true. 'Everything Changes' is written from the body. Words spring at the reader like the only destiny they could have is our soul."
John Lee, Author of "The Flying Boy" and "Facing the Fire"

"'Everything Changes' is a searing document of pain, of struggle, of searching, seeking, finding and losing. Enhanced by Carolyn H. Manosevitz's impressive and expressive work, despite the changes, something of substance endures."
Michael Berenbaun, Director, Research Institute, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

"With skill, style and sensitivity, Stan Biderman sets words to the pathos of his people's traumatic past . . . I highly recommend this book to people of all faiths who struggle with the concept of-- God, justice, truth, beauty or goodness."

Alice Holden, CCVI, A Sister of Charity of the Incarnate Word

Cover and art by Carolyn H. Manosevitz, 120 pgs, $14.95, ISBN: 0-911051-87-2,
[TX, Jewish Studies, Poetry, Recovery, Oral Interpretation]


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