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Feminist Family Values Forum

Edited by Susan Bright

Addresses by: Gloria Steinem, Angela Davis, Maria Jimenez, Mililani Trask




"I suggest that we declare the last five-to-ten thousand years an experiment that failed. Let's declare this the first meeting of the post-patriarchal, post-racist, post-nationalist age."
Gloria Steinem

"I want to suggest that particularly at this time in the history of our country and the history of the globe, radical activism is needed more than ever before and that women and women's issues need to be at the forefront in this radical activism."
Angela Davis

"We all have a common goal; we know this in our hearts -- to make a more compassionate society for our children, for our sons and daughters, for future generations; and a more compassionate society for the earth."
Mililani Trask

"We cannot liberate people without liberating women, and we cannot liberate women until we liberate all people."
Maria Jimenez
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ISBN: 978-0-911051-86-5
148 pages


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