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Halves of Necessity

by Sandy Supowit

Halves of Necessity is presented with a calm that holds a careful tension between passion and restraint. In her poems, Sandy Supowit strolls among the lights and shadows of imagination and memory from which truth rises. These resulting poems are very moving and exhibit the balance that makes art: honest emotion and its tender rendering.

Judi K. Beach, poet, author, writing workshop facilitator.

The necessity here is a fierce adherence to truth that can "dance a hundred times along the black edge." Supowit has found the knack, in these beautifully crafted poems, for taking us magically inside the yin/yang of experience, then plunking us gently into the landscape of revelation that only a painful journey can release. Halves of Necessity is a book to be treasured for its creative leaps into "the cave of memory" and the joys it discovers there.

Margo LaGattuta, author Embracing the Fall, The Dream Givers, facilitator of Inventing the Invisible writing workshops, radio host.

Ibsn: 1-891386-08-5, 96 pages, $14.95


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