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In the Margins of the World

by Willa Schneberg

These are the poems of a traveler and a lover who feels both the terror of time passing and the consolation of eternity. From such tension spring lovely poetic objects, ready for intelligent use.
Andrei Codrescu, Editor Exquisite Corpse. (www.corpse.org)

In these finely wrought, surprising poems Willa Schneberg seeks connections: between man and woman, woman and woman, Jew and Arab, father and daughter. Beyond these, she inquires about the connections that fail, and more significantly, the ones that survive, between the past and today, between culture and history, between the family and its inevitable loss. A far-reaching and moving book.
Ehud Havazelet

In an unwavering search for the meaning of contemporary womanhood, Willa Schneberg compresses 5000 years of Jewish history into vivid intricate portraits. Whether writing about middle eastern women restricted by their cultural milieu or relating minute details about her family, these poems act as gentle wake-up calls.
Rochelle Ratner

Willa Schneberg's poems, peopled with dopplegangers, phantoms and personas, are richly-textured, fully-fleshed, even brilliant peeks into all our worldly margins. Transporting us from 11th century Spain to a timeless East New York and all the unimaginable ports and lands between, these poems force us, with their power and powers, to make us see. Whether assuming the shapes of dybbuks, doubters or believers, Willa Schneberg knows how to entertain and abash, horrify and amaze.
Jeffrey Levine, Publisher & Editor, Tupelo Press

Willa Schneberg's first book of poetry, Box Poems was published by alicejamesbooks. She has won two Oregon Literary Arts fellowships in poetry, and received a grant in poetry from the Money for Women/Barbara Deming Memorial Fund. Among the journals and anthologies in which her poems have appeared are: American Poetry Review, Tikkun, Salmagundi, Michigan Quarterly Review, Exquisite Corpse, Southern Poetry Review, Poets of the World Bearing Witness to the Holocaust and Claiming The Spirit Within: A Sourcebook of Women's Poetry. She is also a clay sculptor, photographer and social worker in private practice in Portland, Oregon.

Ibsn: 1-891386-25-5, 68 pages, $14.95


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