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In The Sweet Balance of the Flesh

Lee Meitzen Grue

This second collection of poetry by Grue is an eclectic collection with subjects ranging as far as imagination can carry the poet, from ballet to children, from Traveling Cheap to Porkchop dancing on a hometown corner, from grandmothers to cartoons. The poems are exquisite.

"If Lee Grue didn't exist the New Orleans literary community would have to invent her. "
"New Orleans Times-Picayune"

"This is a book for those of exquisite taste, and Grue's poetic voice is one to be richly savored."
Sue Brannan Walker, "Negative Capability"

"Lee Grue has established herself as one of the outstanding poets of this region. This extremely eclectic collection reflects a fine feeling for place--Texas, Louisiana, the music and quirks of the deep southland we live in--along with a profound sense of displacement. This displacement, I believe, is a natural result of Lee's wandering, questioning spirit, her unrelenting intelligence, a spirit which recognizes the fact of home, but never too comfortably. In Lee's work there is always a reaching out to other selves, worlds, inner realities, which she absorbs, an expansion of identity which makes possible an extended understanding of her own self."
Tom Dent, Executive Director, The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation

"This is a poet to remember; these are poems to be read again and again, their insights to ponder."
Violette Newton, "Review of Texas Books"

Cover art by Moonyeen McNeilage, 84 pgs., $14.95, ISBN: 0-911051-55-4.




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