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One Small Kindness

by Gayl Teller

These poems provide entrance to a powerful soul. They carry the impact of the difficult and heightened task of being fully alive and present.

Diane Frank, Pulitzer Prize Nominee -- Blackberries in the Dream House

. . . she shows how small acts of compassion can have large reverberations in people's lives. Again and again she focuses on the moment when one life reaches out to another, a moment that makes a world of difference. Packed with memorable characters and events, One Small Kindness is a mind-stretching, sometimes heart-wrenching book which offers us all an education in empathy.

Dr. Allan Dorn, World Order of Narrative and Formalist Poets

Zesty, ebullient, capacious, and even wise, Gayl Teller's poems reveal in the palpable details of a vivacious women's family life, complete with aging parents, a long marriage, children, uncles, and aunts. Teller aims each of her poems straight at the fully liven moment, which she believes can be achieved despite grim realities -- and perhaps because of them. One Small Kindness memorializes those benign moments of love that never make the news, but lay a deep foundation for well being.

Molly Peacock, author of Cornucopia: New and Selected Poems

Gayl Teller has produced a book of great strength and tenderness, emotion's lyrics that focus on family, marriage, motherhood, the intelligent connections among them. The poems start with local imagery -- 'the bounty of familiarity' -- and extend from the kitchen and dining table out to the often hurting world, to Kosovo, say, and East Africa, as well as a hospital room where her father struggles inside his languishing body. These elements come together in 'the humming white noise of wholeness,' a fine metaphor for the reader's pleasure. One Small Kindness is 'not about somber light,' as Teller writes in the opening poem, but 'belief in horizon again.' What a pleasure!

Michelle Cooper, Editor, The Newport Review

In spite of all the contrary evidence: History's 'bloody face'; the Nazi death camps; the humiliating suffering of the aged, one's father, mother or sweet uncle Phil; the licensed global madness of war and terrorism, Gayl Teller insists our journey is still best articulated in martin Buber's hushed prayer, 'Time, Space: Crystalizations of God.'

Vince Clemente, Author of Sweeter than Vivaldi

Ibsn: 1-891386-38-7, 96 pages, $14.95


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