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The Passion of Maryam

a novel by

Loren Woodson



The Holy Madonna . . . Virgin Theotokos . . . Sancta Maria . . . Mary . . . Maryam

A figure known by many names, but strangely invisible. In this dramatic search for the person within the icon, a pious Galilean young woman suffers a profound violation that plunges her into doubt about her faith and beliefs in the God of Israel. She endures to become a wife and mother, who struggles with her entrancing and enigmatic firstborn, as each bear the cost of being chosen by God.


The Passion of Maryam offers valuable insights into what might have been the relationship of Mary and her son and her family in the context of the tumultuous first century of the Christian era. It will challenge the thoughtful reader to reconsider just what was the whole story of the limited portion of Mary's life that the Gospels provide. This is a book to read and reread and then consider its place in the reader's view of Christianity.

Frederick L. Simmons, author King David, a play; co-moderator Archaeology and the Bible, University of Judaism, Los Angeles

From the beginning of time there have been individuals who have been intensely capable of knowing and revealing the presence of the Divine in human life. Through and in Loren Woodson's The Passion of Maryam, we learn about our strengths, our weakness, our spirit, and ourselves . . . and indeed about all that connects us to the God of many names.

Rev. Ann Louise Hutchins-Case, The United Methodist Church, South Indiana; Staff Chaplain, St. Francis Catholic Hospital, Beach Grove, Indiana

With his background in psychoanalysis, author Woodson is able to shed new and fascinating light on a familiar story by revealing, in language appropriate to the times, what Maryam and those closest to her might have experienced emotionally at each stage of her remarkable journey through life.

Nancy Hardin, book editor and film producer, Frida, Noriega: God's Favorite

Woodson set out to stir the reader to reconsider the widely accepted account of the birth of Jesus to the virgin, Mary. [He] has an amazing insight and understanding of family relationships. This insight is brilliantly used as he developed his characters, their interaction and their relationships.

Richard R. Blake, Christian Education Consultant

In the face of our tendency to imagine that God's anointed ones are exempt from most worldly ills, The Passion of Maryam depicts a Mary (Maryam) and Jesus (Yeshua) who confront evil, fear, doubt, and struggle full-force, yet sensing the Almighty is truly at work in their lives.Rev.

Larry Young, United Methodist pastor, Southern California

ISBN: 978-1-891386-74-9. $14.95

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