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Patting the Air

by Dennis Ciscel

I met Dennis Ciscel a good year or better after reading his breath-takingly beautiful poems. It is a little like pulling the curtain back on the Wizard of Oz to come face to face with such a great poet. Ciscel's poems emote. Like thespians, they bring to life in the reader's mind ideas, events and emotions. That is what all great writing does. Do yourself a favor and read them.

Leonard Earl Johnson, Orleans News Service

We see life and death, quiet wisdom and screaming stupidity, unbelievable cruel callousness and equally unbelievable solicitued and compassion, with no trick lighting or cheesecloth filters over the lens. We see ourselves at our best and worst,l and this is a sight worth seeing.

Andrew B. Preslar, Texas Review of Books

Ibsn: 0-911051-68-6, 98 pages, $14.95


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