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Poems, Parables and Prayers for the Third Millennium

Phillip T. Stephens

Cover Design
by Phillip T. Stephens
with photographs
by Beth Beck

Often hilarious and always thought provoking, POEMS, PARABLES and PRAYERS delivers a cure for rigid interpretations of faith. The poems explore our modern experience of the divine with metaphors from the office, urban living, and even modern science, while steering clear of dogma and the impulse to evangelize.

Harmon Place author Joe Hoppe describes the poems as "an honest, intelligent and, above all, absolutely heart felt attempt to not only understand, but rejoice in the presence of God in the 21st Century."

POEMS, PARABLES and PRAYERS features the innovative photography of Virginia artist Beth Beck, images that Washington City Paper art critic Louis Jacobsen hailed as "tangible relics of established religions... infinitely more mystical than just another Sunday sermon."

Both skeptics and believers will embrace the vision that award winning poet Albert Huffstickler calls "reverent. A book of passion and humanity. Phillip Stephens at his best, which is very good."

ISBN:, 104 pgs., $14.95



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