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Rembrandt's Smock

Lynn Strongin

One of the century's great voices. One thinks of Emily Dickinson more than any other poet.

Cassandra Robison, poet and editor, The Artistry of Life

Strongin's pigmented words flow in linseed. She explores rivers of language like a stalwart oars-woman who pulls with the current. Beneath, there lies a tremendous body of movement and music. Readers float — securely protected by Strongin's mastery — just above it.

Eve Anthony Hanninen, artist & editor The Centrifugal Eye

Strongin's sharp, always surprising sense of image, her compassion for those who suffer attrition and isolation have made me a fan from the first. It's a privilege to read and then return to the place where her imagination takes in the world.

Jordan Smith, poet

Reading Strongin I am transported into what I think of as the Classic Universe of World Poetry. Strongin exists in a mind-world which she transforms into her psychological landscape. True solitude is inward, where one can cultivate oneŐs crop of secrets. StronginŐs creativity takes the world inside herself, turning it into her own private art-world then bringing us inside with her.

Hugh Fox, poet and critic

ISBN: 978-1-891386-82-4


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