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Life Drawn From a Naturalized Poet

by S. Jaeschke (Jazz)

This collection reflects the poetic gift Susan Jaeschke discovered in recent years. She is listening to her intuition. Here is a woman unfolding through her writing.

Joyce Beck, Co-Founder, The Crossings, a progressive learning center, Austin, Texas.


These tender, thoughtful poems are the record of a woma's explorations of the landscapes of her life, observing, enlarging, and enriching ordinary experience with a generous, compassionate spirit.

Susan Wittig Albert, bestselling author of Writing From Life: Telling the Soul's Story


If I saw anybody transform through taking the ArtistŐs Way workshop "seriously" it was Susan, who transformed into Jazz; her life became her art and Jazz was born, and so was this significant book of poetry. Read and enjoy, knowing that your life can also become your art.

Jeanne Ware, Educator/Facilitator, The Seton Cove

Ibsn: 1-891386-48-4, 178 pages, $14.95

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