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The Tenderness of Memory

Christine Swanberg

Poetic topics in this book range from the splendor of nature, the fine art of dealing with middle age and the pleasure of winter's first night, to the tragedy of AIDS and the death of a mentally retarded sibling. These are gentle and far-reaching poems, finely crafted.

"The tenderness of Christine Swanberg's memories range from harsh to idyllic, and as she conjures them up we share them, almost becoming part of them--feel as the old horse felt, or the abandoned dog, and they become our memories, too."
John Dickson

of Swanberg's poetry--
"Interesting, comfortable poetry to enjoy."
Gwendolyn Brooks, Poet Laureate, Illinois

"Swanberg's poems do not neglect the cruelties of life, nor the inevitability of death, but in her poems, we are encouraged toward a spectrum of emotions. We are not numbed into a senselessness lacking distinction because our focus is upon the horrible taken for totality. . . Kindness, as Swanberg reminds us, is something we can live for and it is, far more often than not, an option."
Ned Haggard, "Letter Ex"

"The Tenderness of Memory, Christine's latest book, is graced with the images of the American Dream, strong coffee and memories. I wish to pat Jeff Swanberg on the back for his wonderful photographic creations. These two artists complement each other each step of the way . . . Great stuff. Check it out."
Denise Fleischer, "Gotta Write Network"

Photographs by Jeff Swanberg. 92 Pgs.,$14.95, ISBN: 0-911051-78-3,




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