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Tiny Stories

Dennis Ciscel

This is a collection of pieces about people who have died of AIDS and other things. These are not tragic poems. They are witness to the grace and courage of people enmeshed in terrible circumstances.

"Heart wrenching in that way that a good cry is gratifying."
Leonard Earl Johnson, "The New Voice"

"Tiny Stories are poetic jewels. They provide windows into parts of our society many people avoid--a big city emergency room; small town Texas; people who have friends with AIDS. The compassion and gentleness of how these stories are told leave the reader profoundly touched and wanting to know more about the lives so briefly and eloquently described. Tiny Stories is a refreshing and optimistic view of contemporary America."
Michael Shernoff, CSW, ASCSW, National Lesbian/Gay Health Foundation

Art by David Swim, 100 pgs., $14.95, ISBN: 0-911051-62-7,





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