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Too Hot, Too Cold, Just Right

By Ann Williamson

This second book by a Michigan poet who also works as a nurse cuts into the science of suffering and healing. It is a book of hope and love for each instant and soul. When science and creativity are integrated, solutions to problems invent themselves.

"The poems came from a process very like a patient group I facilitate. We start with a memory, such as an image I have of my mother shaking her dustmop out the window. Each person draws their image and shares it with the group, does a creative web and then writes. I have more time than my patients to consider my images. I stand aside from what 'really' happened and let each poem grow into its own truth. This step surprises me. Sometimes an old lady moves into the poems reminding me to look ahead, as well as into the past. Often the poems voice what should have been said, but was not." (Williamson)

"This is a fine hand. It excises terrible tissue and alone applauds a dying swan. The best of these daring poems are moonlit and sure."
Lee Meitzen Grue, "The New Laurel Review"

"One thing that makes her poetry unique is the way she emphasizes new science in her work". San Dee Wallace, "The Herald-Palladium"

Art by Michele Gauthier, 88 pgs.,$14.95, 0-911051-80-5,




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