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Up from the Soles of our Feet

A Women's Reader

New Voices Series

Edited Margo LaGattuta

Stephanie Matthews, Nancy Henderson, Susan Paurazas, Donna Stubek, Colleen Reader, Denise Thomas, Susan Dolan Manji, Kirstin Palm, Barbara Kendzierski

There is magic in these pages, as the women transform suffering and loss into a triumph of the spirit. There is surrealism, humor and the probing of inner landscapes. Each vioce is unique, yet together they raise a collective voice of intensity, grace and burning curiosity that is Woman at her creative best.

"Whenever the ordinary is illuminated by memorable and mighty language, the gift to the reader is extraordinary, the contribution permanent, the text essential. There are things here to be savored and said out loud."

Thomas Lynch, author of "The Undertaking"

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