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Variations on the Ordinary

A Women's Reader

Edited Margo LaGattuta

Nancy J. Henderson, Mary Ann Wehler, Aline Soules, Susan Knoppow, Pearl Kastran Ahnen, Gerry Tamm, Sandy Gerling, Vivian DeGain, Nancy Ryan

"We say it's a damn good read."
"Detroit Monthly," October, 1995

"This beautifully designed anthology of Detroit-area women authors speaks boldly in a female voice. The writers represent the many stages of womanhood, and through their craft reveal how the written word can document these stages simply and aptly. "
"University of Michigan Alumnus Magazine," 1997

"These writers face the realities of a parent's death, of divorce, of single motherhood and of aging. But they also recall how they first learned about sex, what joy it was to know that special friend and why they feel at home in their houses. The 'ordinary' details of childhood, adolescence, adulthood, middle and old age resonate throughout the selections. But, as the title also emphasizes, it's in the 'variations,' as in music, that we hear differently, perceiving 'notes sung anew' and experience, once again, the pleasure that only words can create."
"Oakland University Magazine," Fall, 1995

"We think you will find this anthology a treasure!"
"The B&B Connection," 1996

"'After a lengthy discussion of the correct spelling of the color gray, we finally decided to take a vote.' LaGattuta said. 'We decided on 'grey.' Right before we went to press, I got a horrified phone call from one of our writers. She would not show her face in public if we spelled it that way.
'So, we changed it . . . '"
"The Oakland Press"

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