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A Book of Maps, Pictures, Laments, Celebrations, Praise

By Eve LaSalle Caram

Set in South Texas during the Great Depression, it ends with magic at the coldest instant of Winter Solstice. Wintershine is a three-generation story held together by the voice of the mother as it echoes in the soul of the daughter who tells the story.

"A women's memories of her Depression-era childhood in Arkansas and Texas provide the framework for this layered tale. The language is natural enough to give a sense of the geography and the times, and the initial unsympathetic tone insures that these remembrances are neither sugar-coated nor laden with the psychological weight of the world. Storms are the novel's lietmotif."
"Publishers Weekly"

"A book of open detail and whirling bits of memory, 'Wintershine' is at once a bleak and hopeful record of poor childhood in the twentieth century."
Joe Jordan, "Small Press Review"

"Wintershine is an affirming and honest exploration of those forces, first encountered in childhood, that connect us all to nature."
Karl Barnebey, Editor, "Snowy Egret"

Art by Jeff Jack, 100 pgs., $14.95, ISBN: 0-911051-74-0,



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