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The Wrong Bride

by Nan Hunt

Nan Hunt's poems are at home everywhere: in dreams, in wilderness, in Asia, in love, in trouble. Seen up close, they are a celebration of mature womanhood: seen with perspective, they are a celebration of humanity. In a volume full of joy, Ms. Hunt keeps us wondering "what luminous thing; she must learn to shap/out of pain." Her craft and art fusing fact and imagination securely, she offers us this solid accomplishment: it is worth living a lie to have written such a book.

Philip Applement, distinguished Professor Emeritus of English, Indiana University, author, New and Welected Poems: 1956-1996

Nan Hunt's poetry is a pleasure journey into the changing landscape of memory. both mind and oddy share in a communion with nature that is at once sensual and redemptive. "Winter Passage into Yellowstone," for example, is a marvelous display of imagery celebrating its own power to marry the universe to the profoundly personal.

James Ragan, poet, author of Lusions, The Hunger Wall and Womb-Weary

Ibsn: 1-891386-09-3, 130 pages, $14.95


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