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"We must be the change we wish to see in the world."

—Mahatma Gandhi

Plain View Press is a 37-year-old issue-based literary publishing house. We have published over 400 titles presenting the work of almost 500 national and international writers. Despite evidence that relentless violence has taken root worldwide, there is hope and there are artists to show the human face of it. We publish contemporary literature — poetry, fiction, memoir and nonfiction.

Our books result from artistic collaboration between writers, artists and editors. Over the years we have become a far-flung community of activists whose energies bring humanitarian enlightenment and hope to individuals and communities grappling with the major issues of our time -- peace, justice, the environment, education and gender. This is a humane and highly creative group of people committed to art and social change.

Please join the submissions list on the front page if you are an author with a manuscript that you want considered for publication.

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1101 W 34th Street, STE 404
Austin Tx. 78705

Direct all questions by email to support.


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