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Submission Guidelines

We currently are not taking submissions. Join the submissions list below to be notified when submissions open.

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"We must be the change we wish to see in the world."

Mahatma Gandhi


"We are happy to receive a query from anyone who has a voice to add to the literature of our time -- a story to tell in poetry, fiction, nonfiction or memoir."

Susan Bright
Poet, Founder
Plain View Press



Your email is kept private.

Submission Guidelines: Poetry and Literary Fiction,
Memoir and Nonfiction,
Plain View Press, 2011

Our standard is literary and our mission is to create beautiful and meaningful books that work in the world to change the world. Here is what we say on our home page.

Plain View Press is a 35-year-old issue-based literary publishing house. We have published over 350 titles and nearly 500 writers from many countries. Despite evidence that relentless violence has taken root worldwide, there is hope and there are artists to show the human face of it. We publish contemporary literature.

Submissions are currently on hold during reorganization, so if you submit a query, you will most likely not get a response. You can sign up for submissions notification, with your email in the submit box at the lower right below. When we re-open submissions, we will notify you by email of an online submissions process.

A query requires a brief description of the work, your name, full address, phone number, etc and an excerpt of your work – 5 pages of poetry, up to 10 pgs of prose – copied into an email message or send one word file attached to an email message. Do not mail anything. We will let you know if we want to see a whole manuscript.

We are selective, receive between 3 and 5 queries a day and will publish about thirty books this year.

We publish books, not chapbooks, or short individual pieces of work. The minimum finished book length for us is 80 pgs which requires at least 60 pages of content.

Our process is collaborative meaning you will be involved in every aspect of book making. It is an exciting and creative endeavor and we welcome letters of inquiry. You will find us open to activist and /or literary content many publishers won't touch.

We are converting our books to ebooks for online distribution as well. We have also begun to publish spoken word CD's to accompany the books we present. If you are selected to do a book with us -- ask about this option.

If and when you send a full manuscript please include email contact, your name and address on the title page.

We are an independent press with no outside funding. We will collaborate with you in fund-rasing efforts that you spearhead. Our publishing model favors authors retainment of rights and low printing costs. It offers a way to keep your book in print with your ongoing participation in sales and promotion. We believe good books are worthy of on-going distribution.

Plain View Press is so named because we want people to be able to tell the truth about their lives. We are happy to receive a query from anyone who has a voice to add to the literature of our time -- a story to tell in poetry, fiction, nonfiction or memoir.

Keep on reading and writing!

Pan Knight, Publisher
Plain View Press


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